Getting started


Once you have obtained a license key, enter it on this page to download the latest version of the extension. Navigate to the “Plugins” section of the WordPress dashboard, click the “New plugin” button and then the “Upload plugin” button. Simply upload the zip file and activate the plugin.

To configure the plugin, go to WooCommerce settings → Integrations → MoneyBird API and follow the instructions on that page.

Automatic updates

Once you’ve entered a valid license key on the plugin settings page, your WordPress site will automatically receive plugin updates until your license key expires. You can still keep using the plugin if your license key has expired, but you will no longer receive updates. To manually download the latest version of the plugin and to check & renew your license, visit this page.

Getting support

Do you need help or do you have questions? Just fill out the support form. Please check the following before submitting a support request:

  • Are you running the latest version of the plugin (check here)? An outdated version might not be compatible with more recent versions of WooCommerce and/or WordPress.
  • Is your question already answered in the FAQs?